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280ML Quartz Stone Splicing Adhesive

Kongder has established strategic cooperation relationships with most quartz stone sheet factories, rock sheet factories, artificial stone sheet factories, and cabinet brands. The company's products are mainly exported. In the past 19 years, Kangdil glue has been exported to over 39 countries


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Condil Quartz Acrylic Splicing Adhesive

Product advantages:High strength, non cracking, seamless splicing, non blackening, stable color, outdoor use, rapid curing, green environmental protection, high temperature and low temperature resistance, high efficiency and convenience

Product Usage:Quartz stone countertops, splicing of seams, installation and splicing of connecting ports, reinforcement of cushion strips, etc

Bonding materials: quartz stone, rock board, ceramic tile, Daming jade board/Kesu board, etc

Usage effect:The connection port is not cracked, the connection port is firm, the table around the connection port is not cracked, seamless splicing, and the connection port is not yellow

Working time (24 ℃/75.2 ℉):8-10 minutes

Grinding time (curing time) (24 ℃/75 ℉):18-22 minutes

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