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        • Model: 250ml-SBS Acrylic Adhesive
        • Specification: 250ml
        • N.w: 274g
        • G.w: 446g(1 cartridge glue + 2 mixer tips+inner box)
        • Cartridge Material: PBT
        • Accessary material: PA
        • Advised market: N/A
        • PCS/CTN: 30
        • Ctn Size: 42×34×28.5cm
        • CBM of Ctn: 0.040698 m³
        • Weight of Ctn: 15kg
        • PCS/Cbm: 660
        • Ctn/Cbm: 22
        • Weight of 1Cbm: 330kg
        • Applicator: 250ml Dispenser

          Technical Data  
          Ingredient Methyl methacrylate, Aluminum Hydroxide
          Application Artificial stone, Pure acrylic Solid surface, Modified acrylic Solid surface, Polyester, Composite board
          Working time (24℃/75.2℉) 8-10minutes
          Fixture time (24℃/75.2℉) 18-22 minutes
          Shelf Life (10/50℉-18℃/64.4℉) 24months
          Viscosity CPS (24℃/75℉) A(18000-22000), B(4000-6000)
          Mix Ratio(Weight & Volume) A:B=10:1
          Mixed Specific Gravity 1.04
          Color Matching Effect Seamless joint
          Extension meter of once dispense 30-40m
          Operation Temperature 24℃/75℉ above is suggested
          UV stability 8 years non yellowing, data from Corian GW101 and Magicstone PM201 tested
          Bond strength Three -point anti-crack test: 35.8Mpa-43.08 Mpa, Cantilever beam test 3.28KJ/㎡ -3.73KJ/㎡
          Flexibility(after joint) Free to bend any shape with a heat 150℃ to pure acrylic board and adhesive
          Temperature tolerance -55℃/-67℉-185℃/365℉
          Qty for standard Acrylic sheet 1sets(12×760×3680/3050mm, 0.8sets(12×760×2440mm)
          Product Certificates SGS-ROHS,REACH
          Company Certificate ISO9001